4 Reasons Why Ordaining Women Is No Longer An Option

jen ordination

Left to Right: Rev. Renee Perkins, Rev. Jenifer Stuelpe Gibbs, Rev. Jill Moffett Howard
Three Indiana United Methodist clergy on their ordination day.

When I was a 23 year old theology student, I nominated the first woman to be elder in the life of our conservative church. The response: “We don’t feel called to challenge the church constitution at this time.”

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What Am I Called to Do? (Part 6): When Anger Is An Act Of Discipleship

I suggested earlier that God made us such that every person desires justice for all people. The result of being created this way is a lingering sense that what we see around us is not what God intended. Most people feel pretty overwhelmed by the injustices around them, as if there is nothing that they can do. I would suggest that those injustices you are most attuned to are a significant indicator of God’s call on your life.God's Calling Map

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What Am I Called to Do? (Part 5): Find The Song That Makes Your Heart Dance And Set To “Repeat”

To learn how your joy is integrated into the entire notion of call, click the map.

To learn how your joy is integrated into the entire notion of call, click the map.

What is your greatest desire? What is the one thing that you would do everyday for the rest of your life if you were able?

There are good reasons that we have been taught to NOT trust our desire. Our desire is often corrupted by the depravity of sin. But often our life callings are driven by our deepest desires that have been resting in our soul just waiting to come to the surface and awaken our greatest joy.

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To the Parents of a College Freshman: An Open Letter From Their Chaplain

Dear Parent,

I know that this can be a really difficult day/week/month. Sometimes it is made sad by your son/daughter’s excitement. It is always ridden with anxiety.

Today your relationship changes. You are still their parent. You always will be. You don’t have to worry about “losing” them. And don’t let the fear of losing them cause you to not let them grow up. They are ready to not have curfew, ask permission to stay up until 2 AM, or tell you whether they did their homework. They NEED to make decisions about majors, classes, and roommate choices on their own. If you give them enough freedom on these decisions then they may even take joy in asking your opinion. And they may even learn to do that for big decisions for their entire life.

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