1. says

    You go on about women’s issues. Well I care as much about women’s issues as women care about men’s issues. I don’t see women trying to end the barbarity that is infant male circumcision, i don’t see women fighting to be forced to register for the draft under penalty of law, i don’t see women fighting to give men reproductive rights by repealing Child Support laws. I don’t see women advocating for more research,coverage and funding for men’s health.

    lets review the advantages women have over men.

    Unchecked Female Privilege
    1.) Lower chance of being a murder victim
    2.) Lower chance of committing suicide.
    3.) Lower chance of physical assault.
    4.) Longer average lifespan.
    5.) Less-work related injuries.
    6.) Less work related deaths.
    7.) Shorter/easier criminal convictions.
    8.) Circumcision is illegal
    9.) Draft immunity.
    10.) Divorce/Family Court bias
    11.) More scholarships available
    12.) High College acceptance rate
    13.) Emotional Encouragement
    14.) Hypergamy
    15.) Cheaper Healthcare
    16.) Better Healthcare
    17.) Reproductive Rights
    18.) Women’s Shelters
    19.) White House Women and Girls Council
    20.) Gynocentrism
    21.) Less Likely to be homeless
    22.) Less likely to be unemployed
    23.) More likely to be helped/treated as victim.
    24.) Less likely to be killed in war
    25.) Women’s Studies Department

    “Privilege is invisible to those who have it.”

  2. Charles K Stanley says

    Here’s the old “reverse discrimination” argument. FAct is: women are denied ordination in the Roman Catholic Church, and kept out of leadership in most evangelical mega churches because of silly and regressive (and wrong) interpretations of certain Bible passages.

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