4 Reasons Why Ordaining Women Is No Longer An Option

jen ordination

Left to Right: Rev. Renee Perkins, Rev. Jenifer Stuelpe Gibbs, Rev. Jill Moffett Howard
Three Indiana United Methodist clergy on their ordination day.

When I was a 23 year old theology student, I nominated the first woman to be elder in the life of our conservative church. The response: “We don’t feel called to challenge the church constitution at this time.”

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What Am I Called to Do? (Part 6): When Anger Is An Act Of Discipleship

I suggested earlier that God made us such that every person desires justice for all people. The result of being created this way is a lingering sense that what we see around us is not what God intended. Most people feel pretty overwhelmed by the injustices around them, as if there is nothing that they can do. I would suggest that those injustices you are most attuned to are a significant indicator of God’s call on your life.God's Calling Map

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Christian, Please Read This Before Black Friday

This is a simple post.

Estimated Cost to Feed Every Person in the World: $30 billion per year (UN estimate)
Estimated Cost to Provide Clean Water for Africa: $41 billion (WHO estimate)
Estimated Cost to Provide Clean Water to the World: $203 billion (WHO estimate)

Estimated Spending in the US on Black Friday: $60 billion
Estimated Spending in the US for Christmas Season: $640 billionethiopian-boy

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Chipotle’s “Scarecrow” and Theology: What the Church Can Learn About Witness From a Burrito

Chipotle has taken a risky marketing strategy, but one that is likely to be popular among Millenials. Both the Church and marketers have failed to reach these young people in the past because the slick campaigns that worked with their parents just appeared to them to be inauthentic. The marketing challenge for Chipotle will be convincing their audience that they embody the cultural critique that they are communicating. I’m not a marketing guy, so you would do better reading the marketers’ commentary if we want to think about what Chipotle is doing here.

I’m more concerned with what these story tellers can show us about the values of the Millennials that they are targeting. I’m not going to provide much commentary on the content that is best available here, so you really should watch it before you read what I think the Church can learn.

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