Is Verizon Feminist, Sexist, or Just Using Us?

The ad is beautiful. It calls into question the seemingly innocent language that we use with little girls that has the potential to hold them back from achieving what they are truly passionate about. Even someone with a basic awareness of feminist issues and the effect of the use of language has to applaud Verizon for this ad and their #InspireHerMind campaign. [Read more…]

You Aren’t Racist, But You Make Racism Possible

Racist Racism postThere are many ways that it is said, but the results are the same.

“If blacks would stop talking about slavery all the time they could just get on with successful careers.”
“I don’t see color. Black, white, and brown are all just people. Stop talking about it all the time.”
“Blacks shouldn’t be telling their kids about racism and they wouldn’t learn to think of themselves as inferior.”

Usually these people aren’t themselves racist. But this kind of talk does allow racism to continue in our country.

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World Vision And The Failure Of Christian Ethics

world vision smallerIf your social media feeds are full of Christian leaders then you already know about the fiasco inflicted upon all of us by World Vision’s board. After declaring that they would permit hiring of those with legal same sex marriages for their US offices, they reversed their position claiming that their constituents had helped them see that this position was an affront to biblical ethics.

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