After becoming a Christian in Marine Corps boot camp at 18 years old, I felt the call to pastoral ministry just one year after my conversion. I committed to the ministry of my Assemblies of God congregation and pursued lay ministry there until I returned to college and graduated from Eureka College with a Theological Studies degree in 2005. I learned to love theology and so continued to pursue an education in theology, earning a Master of Theological Studies from Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary (2007) and a Ph.D. in Theology and Ethics at Garrett (2014).

After graduating from a Disciples of Christ college and a United Methodist Seminary, I was ordained in the Assemblies of God. This ecumenical background has opened many doors as I speak across a number of Christian traditions.  While in seminary, I served in Youth Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, and Worship Ministry in congregations in Wisconsin and Illinois.

I have written on Pentecostalism, liturgy, prayer, and apologetics in academic and professional journals. I recently completed and defended my dissertation on the implications of postliberal theological method for the discipline of apologetics. But I have been leading retreats for high school and college students for several years on vocational discernment and the theology of calling. I plan to write my first book on this topic.

I have served since 2009 as University Chaplain at the University of Indianapolis. Besides leading campus ministry programming and providing pastoral care at UIndy, I also am the Director of the Lantz Center for Christian Vocation and Spiritual Formation. In that role I teach courses in spiritual formation, youth ministry, and theology.


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    Your dissertation sounds like it will be interesting – the postliberals at Duke didn’t often seem very friendly to the usual modes of apologetics. I take it you’ve read Placher’s “Unapologetic Theology”? Look forward to hearing more about it!

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    PEACE BE WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.Congrats on the adoption of your little boy. He is a cutie.Sometime Racism does get out hand. I have a niece who is bi-racial.When she was a baby and growing up and she would be with us we would get those looks too.Ignorance doesnt get people anywhere but looking stupid. Keep the faith. From Norfolk,Va,

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    I just found your blog post “The Day That I Started To Understand Racism.” Thank you, sir, for those well-written musings on race in this country. Thank you, too, for being a glowing example to organized-religion skeptics like myself. We see so many negative example of so-called Christians that it jades us about the practice at large – so it’s very nice to see actual Christianity (as I understand it) in practice.

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