Camino de Santiago Budget – How much does Camino cost?

How much does Camino de Santiago cost? Camino de Santiago is a very affordable way to travel to Santiago de Compostela and experience Spain. The cost can change vary depending on your plans for food and accommodations. Check out this video where I give a typical budget for Camino de Santiago as well as a luxury budget for those who would like to stay in private rooms and eat the best food. Check out this video to learn about the cost of Camino.

Camino de Santiago Budget Tips
Camino de Santiago Typical Budget – Detail and Summary
Camino de Santiago Luxury Budget – Detail and Summary


  1. Angelito says

    Hello Dr. Gibbs,
    I follow your Camino journeys on youtube and hoping me and my wife could do it next year. Although we wanted the Camino Frances, we only have 3 weeks vacation time from work including travel so is it OK to start with the first 5 days of walking thru Camino Frances, then take bus/trains along the way to Sarria where we can walk another 5 days all the way to Compostela? Then maybe also walk to Finisterre if we still have time left?
    If we do that, do we get a pilgrim passport from Camino Frances or Sarria?

    • says

      Great question. You will always be welcome to do the pilgrimage any way you’d like. I assume by “first five days” you mean something like walking from St Jean to Pamplona then taking train to Sarria? You can definitely do that and that is a beautiful section to work. The only caveat is that you’ll spend a full day on trains getting to St Jean. Then it will be at least a day to get from Pamplona to Sarria. I’ve not done that so I don’t know the connections. But if you don’t mind riding a bit then this is a good plan.

      As for the Compostela? The only rule is that you must walk the last 100k and document with stamps. So yes…if you walk from Sarria you would earn a Compostela. It won’t say anything about where you’ve been, etc. So you will have your stamps to show these other segments you have walked.

  2. Angelito says

    Thank you for the reply. Yes, we’d like to walk St Jean to Pamplona or wherever the first 5 days will get us and then spend the next 3 days maybe traveling by bus or train ro Sarria where we’ll walk all the way to Compostela.
    We’re from Canada by the way.

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