Living Outside The Law: #LocustEffect Part 3

Take 3 minutes to watch this beautiful movie about a tragic reality.

Fear the police. Fear rape on the way to school. Fear someone taking your home. Fear being imprisoned in slavery. Fear even your own family. Fear because the law simply is not able to keep you safe.

I’ve already started to tell some of the stories of violence endured by the world’s poor from The Locust Effect, the book that was released today from Gary Haugen and Victor Boutros. You can read about what I think the coming impact of The Locust Effect on evangelical justice ministries or read one of the stories of gross injustice from southern India.

The video just scratches the surface of the haunting reality of the world’s poor people that are mostly living outside the protection of the law. Like human trafficking a few years ago, advocacy and awareness are the first action step required to realize progress on an issue that is dependent on global justice systems. Like human trafficking, the repair of broken justice systems is not as straight-forward to address as sending meals or digging wells. This is a long haul issue. It’s a complicated issue. We have to start with educating people and becoming educated ourselves.

Here are some starting points:
Check out Gary Haugen’s videos.
Share this blog post or just the video above in your networks.
Buy the book
. All sales this first week will trigger a $20 donation to IJM from a committed donor (all author royalties will go to IJM as well). So your purchase this week will be equivalent to a donation to their work for justice for those that live outside the law.
Enter to win a copy of the book and read my posts about it by following my blog by email or WordPress at the bottom of this post. I’ll draw a winner for a free copy from my new followers on February 10.

Advocacy and education are necessary because the solution to this issue will require moving large institutions to action. That only happens if a whole lot of people get heartbroken and angry about the injustice.

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