You Don’t Have To Save The World

Most of us are pulled in lots of different directions. Sometimes we come to church and are challenged to do more: more prayer, more missions, more giving and so on. Our university students at University of Indianapolis’s McCleary Chapel are no different. This is my call to the students to “Do Only What You Are Called To Do.”

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  1. Linda Carter says

    Jeremiah, thank you so much for these words. I happened upon this post today, and this very day I needed so much to hear what you had to say. I have a number of health issues, nothing life-threatening, but fibromyalgia, fatigue, back pain, and depression are some of what I deal with personally. But my 18-years-older husband is suffering with Parkinson’s, and each day it seems that he and I face another challenge. Sometimes I fear that I may not be able to do this work that has been given me, and I worry that I’m not treasuring enough moments each day. Your message to me was that I can do what I can do, and it is enough. Fortunately I have some great support, or I wouldn’t have made it this far! God bless my husband.

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