Pastor, You Have to Mentor Women, too

Lisa ordination“You have to avoid even the appearance of evil.”

“Make sure that there are some strong women that can mentor the girls in the youth group.”

“One mistake in this arena can cost you your whole career.”

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How I Became an Advocate for Women in Ministry

IMG_2636.JPGI didn’t grow up in a church community. So when I became a Christian at 18 years old, I had no idea that some people thought women shouldn’t be in church leadership. It wasn’t that I hadn’t noticed that men held an overwhelming number of pastoral positions. I just assumed it was a leftover from a previous generation’s culture.

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Is Verizon Feminist, Sexist, or Just Using Us?

The ad is beautiful. It calls into question the seemingly innocent language that we use with little girls that has the potential to hold them back from achieving what they are truly passionate about. Even someone with a basic awareness of feminist issues and the effect of the use of language has to applaud Verizon for this ad and their #InspireHerMind campaign. [Read more…]

A Collection Of The Most Stunning #MyStealthyFreedom Pics


#MyStealthyFreedom is one of the most beautiful movements to ever hit social networking. I am first and foremost a Christian theologian. So my comments on these pictures are pretty humble, since I am so distant from the world of these women. But I will comment on two things briefly. [Read more…]

Conservative Christian Women And The Worst Accusation

Photo by Erin Rempel

Photo by Erin Rempel

Arguments that restrict women from leadership devalue womanhood and question the calling these women have to pastoral ministry. As I have defended my work on the biblical and theological support for women in ministry, I’ve learned that these implications may not even be the most hurtful thing that is said to these women.

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#ReclaimingEve: Needed Healing For Hurting Ministers

imageAs I have written on issues related to the life and calling of pastors that are women, I’ve been quite surprised by the depth of the pain that many of these women carry. Though I’ve long thought that theologies that limited the ministry of women were misguided, I didn’t fully understand the damage that they cause (and I still don’t “fully” understand, but more now than before).

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The Bible Says Women Should Lead – Part 3 (1 Timothy)

women lead 3For all those that argue for the full inclusion of women in leadership in the church, 1 Timothy 2:12 holds a remarkable place of power in the argument. I have argued that the Bible and especially Paul elevate women in leadership, and that 1 Corinthians is a fine example of Paul’s argument for radically equal relationships between husbands and wives. But this passage has a way of trumping all others in this conversation.

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