Evidence Of The Changing Evangelical Tide

For an update on how this church is handling women’s leadership today, see: 6,000 Person Megachurch Now Includes Women Elders/Pastors

Grace Community Church, an evangelical church of 6,000 worshipers just north of Indianapolis, reversed their position and came out in favor of women’s leadership at all levels this weekend in their public worship services.

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The Bible Says Women Should Lead – Part 2 (1 Corinthians)

20140109-163141.jpgSeveral passages in 1 Corinthians have been used to claim that women should not be leaders or teachers in the Church. I think St. Paul would be appalled by such an interpretation and that significant scholarly evidence would support this conclusion. (There are many places in this post where I am following the good work by Phillip Payne in his book cited below.)

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The Bible Says Women Should Lead – Part 1

20140107-111250.jpgA little while ago I wrote a post about women in leadership that was viewed more than 7,000 times, still one of my most popular posts. Of those views, only 200 people clicked through to the N.T. Wright article that presented the biblical arguments upon which my post depended.

I know that many that viewed the post were those that already shared my opinion and had researched the topic. But many that I interacted with via social media complained that my article wasn’t biblical. Well here you go.

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God Is NOT With Us: An Advent Sermon

Advent_Reminds2[1]I believe a Christian can give only one response to the difficult question of suffering. This place is not what God had in mind and he will in fact set the whole world to rights one day…we pray that it comes quickly.

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Words of Grace for Inadequate Christians

I can only speak for myself, but I feel grossly inadequate to the task of living the Christian life most of the time. I’m challenged by preaching and Scripture20131022-205745.jpg to believe that God demands a strong pursuit of the calling to discipleship. Most of the time I fall short. I suppose that is why I have no problem thinking of the practice of confession sacramentally.
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