Upcoming Ministry Projects

August 8-10  Lion & Lamb Festival

The Lion & Lamb Festival is a community engaging in conversation around issues of faith & justice and inspiring hope. Through art, music, and word, the festival will encourage attendees to reflect on issues of spirituality and justice in their everyday lives. I will be presenting a workshop on vocational discernment and participating in a panel discussion on women’s leadership in the church.

November 21-23 Bishop’s Student Leadership Academy

This is a partnership between the Lantz Center and the Indiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. It is designed as an opportunity for vocational discernment for high school students considering all career fields. Though it is a United Methodist sponsored event, mature Christian teens of all kinds are welcome.

(Here is an article written about it by one of the past participants. YOUNG VOICES: Indy event helps youths learn about God)

Allied: Stories of Men and Women Building God’s Kingdom Together

This is a book project that I am co-authoring with Suzanne Burden. It is currently in the proposal process with our agent.

Coming Soon DoctorsofPentecost.com

A number of Pentecostal pastors and academics with earned doctoral degrees are collaborating to create a resource for pastors of the Pentecostal and charismatic movements. Users will submit questions. The contributors will discuss the topic. A distilled and edited version of the scholars’ discussion of the question will be posted to the site. Academic jargon will be avoided or explained for the sake of clarity. We hope to empower local church leaders with the very best of contemporary scholarship from scholars that are deeply committed to the Church.

I am available for preaching or leading vocational discernment retreats/workshops with teens and adults. Use my Contact page for inquiries.

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