What Am I Called to Do? (Part 9): Minister from Your Experience

To learn how tools are integrated into the entire notion of call, click the map.

To understand how this map illustrates discernment of calling, click the map.

Have you ever wondered how God was going to use some horrible experience that you’ve had in your life? Maybe you knew that some unique aspect of your life was significant for your life calling, but haven’t been quite sure how that fits into God’s plan for you. Like every other aspect of your calling, understanding how these experiences should be considered is actually quite easy, even if discerning call is still a lifelong process. [Read more...]

Palestinians are People: A Missionary’s Observations



Photo: Tarek

As of today, 197 Palestinians have been killed and more than 1,500 have been injured in Israel’s constant bombing of Gaza over the last 10 days. Though Palestinians have fired lots of rockets and mortars at Israel in this same time frame, reportedly only one Israeli has been killed. This outburst of violence is the worst in five years. This is a guest post written by an American friend of mine that is a missionary to the West Bank. I asked her to give advice to all of us for whom this conflict is just a bunch of numbers: 197. 1,500. I hope this reminds us that each of those numbers is a person made in the image of God.

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The Most Important Action for Pro-Life Christians: Foster and Adopt

A picture of my family on my son's adoption day.

A picture of my family on my son’s adoption day.

When my wife and I decided to have a child in 2011, we decided to foster parent as a response to a calling. There are more … ahem … “natural” ways to have children and we certainly considered that path. But we knew that we had the capacity and the life situation to consider adoption through the foster care system and that is what we did. We believed then as we do now, that fostering and adoption are faithful responses to the Christian calling to care for orphans. [Read more...]